Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Think Straight When Stressed? Both The Answer And The Solution May Surprise You

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Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Think Straight When Stressed?

Both The Answer And The Solution May Surprise You

Well besides the fact that your head is probably filled with all sorts negative thoughts about the things that you are worried about and that your brain is bombarding you with images of everything that could possibly go wrong in your life. There is also another, albeit much more fascinating and interesting factor that could be contributing to those feelings of overwhelm and confusion.  And it’s got to do with the reason why when we are stressed, or we cannot remember something that we have a tendency to place the palm of our hand, or the tips of our fingers on our foreheads.

I say this is fascinating because this problem may have more to do with, and may be best dealt with by balancing the energy and the brain body connection, a system that is at the very core of our existence. And yet sadly, in saying this most people are either still unaware that this energy exists or they flat out deny that it does. Regardless, the truth is that we are actually mind body entities and this energy plays a role in how we are affected by stress.

So What Do I Mean By Saying That We Are Mind Body Entities?

What this means is that every thought that we have, whether it is positive or negative will elicit a certain set of feelings. And every feeling, if it is strong enough may elicit certain thoughts.  You can test this out for yourself by thinking for a moment about something that causes you stress.  Then notice how that thought makes you feel, and where in your body you notice those sensations.  When you have done that then think about something that makes you feel happy, and notice which feelings that you experience when you are feeling happy.

The connection which you just experienced between the thought and the feelings is a mind body experience, but there is another aspect to this as well and it’s got to with the energy which flows through our bodies.

Energy flows through the bodies of all humans and animals through channels called meridians. Each meridian is associated with a certain emotion, and feeds energy to a specific organ as well as a muscle group.  There are two main meridians which affect all of the others.  They are called The Central and Governing Meridians.

When all is well and our energy is balanced we also feel more balanced. However when stressed the energy flow can become impaired and may either become blocked, reversed, or over energized.  This impairment in turn will affect the associated organ, and since the Central Meridian is associated with the brain, stress can affect the energy flow to the brain hemispheres causing them to have a more difficult time communicating with each other.  One way in which we can help to restore balance to the energy in the front of the brain is to place our hand on our forehead.  Interestingly enough this is a natural reaction most humans have when stressed and is proof of the wisdom of the brain body system.

In a nutshell that is just a little about the brain body system and how and why we have difficulty thinking straight when stressed.   To learn some very simple exercises which you can do to help you think more clearly, focus your attention when trying to learn, or retain more information, please download the free info-graphic on this site called: Three Tricks To Outsmart Mental Overwhelm.

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